The Best Door Repair Replacement Scarborough

JR Window Glass & Door Services is a recognized and registered Window Repair and Replacement company. It undertakes repairs and replacements of doors as well.  It has a service center in Scarborough. We have specialists in door repairs and replacements of all types of doors including;

  • front door repair
  • sliding closet doors,
  • screen doors,
  • cabinet doors
  • entrance doors
  • entrance doors

In addition to repair services, we also undertake the following works for the benefits of the customers.

  • Specifying and testing,
  • Heritage works,
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Full glazing service.

Over the years of service in Toronto and other cities, we have observed that 99% of repairs are less than 50% of the replacement costs.

JR Window Glass & Door Services in Scarborough has wider experience in door repair. We are equipped with latest equipment and tools and our expert technicians are skilled in the following works

  • Repairing of doors
  • Replacing of doors
  • Maintaining of varieties of doors
  • Garage door repairs

It is immaterial whether it is UPVC doors or sliding doors or wooden framed doors, our technicians are very good at it. We make our customers fully satisfied. Whether it is garage door repair or repairs for any other types of door, JR Window Glass & Door Services assure you that it will give you quality service.

So if you are in need of repairs for different varieties of doors, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember door repair Scarborough is JR Window Glass & Door Services. Whether it is garage door repair or repairs for any other types of door, we assure you that we will give you the best quality service. Are you thinking of repair cost? Rest assured. Don’t worry about the cost of repairs. We are always mindful about your financial affordability. We are sensible in charging for repairs. Definitely door repair cost at JR Window Glass & Door Services will be within your budget.


Door Replacement Scarborough

Do you think that we are only doing repairs to doors? We are doing replacement of doors as well at Door repair Scarborough. Replacements done by Door repair Scarborough will last for many years. This we can guarantee. When it comes to Door Replacement we are the specialists. There is no doubt about it. Why you should select Door repair Scarborough?

  • Reasonable charges for Door Replacement.
  • Proper maintenance.
  • Guaranteed services.
  • Quality products.
  • Over 26 years experience.
  • High recommendation by customers.
  • Guidance on maintenance measures

We are fully capable of working with all varieties of doors. So, why are you waiting? Don’t waste your time in searching for companies which do repairs or replacement of doors. Hurry up. Just call us. Door Replacement Scarborough. You are welcome.

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