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Door Repair Markham

JR Door Repair Markham has been a staple in the Markham community for almost three decades, assisting local businesses and homeowners with all techniques of door repairs.

Many things can go wrong with a door, including a break-in, a loose hinge, a shattered pane of glass, a jammed roller, a twisted roller track, a broken door handle, a damaged lock, and a rotting frame. Now, t help is at your door with JR Window Glass Repair Markham.

We’ve been pleased to provide door maintenance and installation for our clients. We also fix doors in Markham and the surrounding area. Our company offers comprehensive door repair services, all of which are detailed on this page.

If you live or work in Markham, you may have situations related to vandalism, burglaries, or even graffiti. Please give us a quick call if you discover any signs of a break-in attempt.

Expert Door Repair Markham

Day or night, you can call us for emergency door repair service. Having specialists available around the clock is our responsibility since you never know when you’ll require a door or lock repair.

After a break-in, we will immediately repair your door in Markham with high-security locks. If vandalism, broken glass, and graffiti have been left at the door to your office or retail establishment, our staff can help. Doors are often damaged by rust, regular use, and misalignment. The emergency repair experts at Door Repair Markham can replace any door, day or night.

Professional Door Replacement Markham

The services of our proficient locksmiths are also available at any moment. Professional locksmiths on staff mean we can repair or replace any lock at your Markham home or office. We can help with emergency lockouts, broken keys, and repairing knobs and deadbolts.

Even if you’re locked out of your house or office, we can help you regain entry immediately by repairing or replacing the lock. The locks on your door can be changed immediately, and we also carry and install high-security locks. We will resolve any issue you may have with your door lock.

Commercial and Residential Door Replacement Markham

We’re here to repair any door you have, whether it’s a garage door, sliding glass door, metal entry door, glass door, or steel security door.

Door Replacement Markham has been in business for about 27 years, during which time we have served the local community with excellent door replacement service. When you give us a call, we won’t waste any time getting to work. Within 30 minutes, we will arrive at your commercial or residential location with all the necessary tools.

We will begin replacement after we have evaluated the damage and received your approval. Some businesses analyze the situation by sending a technician, who returns to the main office to retrieve the necessary tools, thus eliminating the need for customers to wait.

We always come prepared for any door repair, replacement, or maintenance task for a commercial or residential building. It won’t take long, making fixing your door much quicker.